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Church needs art. It has to make perceivable and, charming, as far as possible, the world of the spirit, of the invisible of God.

"Letter to the artists" di Pope John Paul II, April 1999.


Dears sirs,

It’ s a honour to show “my” Christ: Deus sub contrario, a very important work for me, which was displayed in lots of Italian Museums and in the European Parliament in Bruxelles, with gratifying compliments.

It’s a sculpture made of bronze, life size, fused with the old-antique and precious “cire perdue” technique, that reproduces accurately each dramatic detail of the modelling, that makes hear that “inarticulate shout”, which Holy Scriptures mention, and that, put an end to the Christ torment, at the “ninth canonic hour”, ripping therefore to the mankind, the veil of Temple.

Now, I humbly put my creature into the hands of yours.

Mr Ernesto Lamagna
Pontifical Academician of the Virtuosos to the Pantheon


The life size sculpture, 175 cm high is bronze-fused, with the “cire perdue” technique, reproduces accurately each dramatic detail of the modelling.

The work is reproduced in limited edition of 100 numerated and signed pieces all over the world. It will go with a certificate of guarantee signed by the artist.

For further information apply to the Master Ernesto Lamagna office.

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